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April Newsletter

Dr. Kelly Austin, ND 


Detox and Cleanse Month

RSVP for our detox lectures and learn what you can do to jump start weight loss and re-energize your body.

Rancho Bernardo: 
Tues. May 12th at 1 pm

Solana Beach:
Sat. May 16th at 1 pm

Receive a free gift for attending and try your luck at our raffle.

Get closer to your overall health! 
Prime Wellness can help you reach your goals!

Here are some of the products and supplements that can benefit you: 
Choose from a 10 or 28 Day Detox Program
Milk Thistle is used for natural and healthy liver detox
This product helps add fiber to your diet
Fish oil helps bring down inflammation within the body

Buy these products at our online store:
April/May Special for Established Patients of Prime Wellness
If you find it difficult to tolerate certain supplements and medications, including hormones, you may have several gene mutations that are causing this issue. One of the genes that we can test for is called MTHFR.
Have your MTHFR gene mutation tested with us for just $40
If you are eating well, and still continue to have bloating. Or if you completed a detox and still noticed many of your symptoms are still present, you may still be eating a food that you have delevloped a sensitivity to. This can cause digestive issues, fatigue, brain fog, joint pains, headaches, skin and mood changes.
Have your food sensitivity tested with us for just $224 (both IgG and IgA)

MTHFR gene - More than
just for detoxing:

If the MTHFR gene mutation is present, it can make it difficult for a person to detox because of an impaired methylation process. With this gene mutation, folate and folic acid do not convert to the active vitamin called methylfolate. 
There are two different versions of the MTHFR gene. If you have one of the mutations in this gene, it could cause homosysteine levels to rise which could be linked to a higher rate of heart problems or stroke. The second mutation of this gene, is linked to mood concerns and could cause a higher incidence of anxiety, depression, ADD, and other mood and behavioral issues.

A great article linking MTHFR to the above concerns:
Don't forget your B12 shot!

Get an energy boost, your stress decreased, and your body functioning at its optimal level.

Come visit our office or get your shot at Sprouts. 
Some Sprouts times have changed, but you can find all the information on our website:

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